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Stretch marks, acne marks, scars and imperfections 

4 sessions recommended From £320

1 session from £95

Stretch marks, acne marks, scar marks and other skin imperfections are undesirable for anyone from an aesthetic point of view. This Treatment perfect mixture and balance of collagen with hyaluronic acid. It increases the generation of new collagen fibres, repairs and reinforces the existing ones.

Indication: For all skins that need to regenerate the texture and tone.



 Treats localised fat accumulation.

Month 1 - 1 session every 15 days 

Month 2 - 1 session  every 30 days

From £85 per session (per area) Discount for multiple areas

Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress can causefat accumulation. Revitalize Slim new lipolytic and anti-cellulite formula is composed of an insulin-like growth factor, phosphatidylcholine, sodium deoxycholate, carnitine and trace elements.

Effectiveness from the first session…

Indication: Localized fat accumulation spot as belly, back of the arm, neck and legs.


 For sagging skin

8 Applications recommended from £699

1 Application  from £95

Body and facial flaccidity is a direct consequence of aging and/or weight variations. To maintain a firm skin, without wrinkles, we must be very consistent with a healthy diet and a good hydration habits. Revitalize Body formula is composed of hyaluronic acid, organic compounds, DMAE and Dexpanpentol, which will reaffirm and restore the collagen fibres that support the skin, shaping them again, removing the skin sagging effect and flaccidity.

Indication: Flaccidity, striae, post laser, post peeling or scrubs and alopecia.



 Promotes hair growth

8 Applications (once per week) £599

Hair loss at an early age creates discomfort and embarrassment for anyone, man or woman. Revitalize Hair acts in the prevention, re-densification and stimulation of hair folliculos matrix responsible for the hair, brow and beard growth.

Moreover Revitalize Hair acts at the dermal level on the fibroblast situated next to the folliculos bulbs optimising the development of the hair matrix.

Indications: Nourishing the scalp and promoting hair growth



Lower Body

1 Cup £150
2 Cups £199
3 Cups £299
6 Cups £450
10 Cups £699

3D Chin Freeze £99

3D Thigh Gap Treatment £199

3D Bum Lift Treatment  £199

3D Man Boobs Treatment £250

3D Aesthetics Body Cavitation - Fat reduction 40 mins
1 Treatment £75 / Course of 6 £360

3D Aesthetics Shockwave- Fat breakdown/cellulite
1 Session £75 /Course of 6 £360

3D Aesthetics Body HIFU - Focused Fat Reduction
Only 1 session required
Small Area £299
Medium Area £399

3D Aesthetics Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
Course of 6 recommended
Small Area £350
Medium Area £425
Large Area £599

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