Fine Line & Anti Wrinkle Treatments

1 Area £150

2 Areas £200

3 Areas £230

Crows Feet/Frown Lines/Forehead 


Advanced Anti wrinkle Toxin Treatments

From £99


Chemical Brow Lift 

Ideal for those with excessive skin laterally covering the eye and can help a sleepy appearance.

From £149


Bunny Lines

Reduce and soften the wrinkles on the lateral aspects of the nose.

From £99


Sad Smile 

Subtly lifts the corners of the mouth.

From £99


Dimpled / Pebbled Chin 

Relax and smooth the chin and mental crease. 

From £99


Smokers LinesMouth area

From £99


Ear linesSoftens lines

From £99


Face SlimmingImproves jawline

From £199


Chemical Neck Lift /Nefertiti - Gives an upward lifting effect in the neck and jaw line. 



Botox Injections

Dermal Fillers Enhancements 

From £175

Lip Enhancements

Facial lines

Nasolabial folds

Marionette lines

Nose contouring

Cheek contouring

Jaw contouring

8 point face lift

Feminisation packages

Meshfill - The very latest thread lift treatment

From £299

Meshfill is a thread and filler combination, the world’s first 16-fold lattice-shaped soft thread that lies like a net in the tissue and achieves maximum effect through simultaneous treatment with hyaluronic acid.

Especially suitable for:​

Jaw definition, zygomatic augmentation, eyebrow lift, glabella folds, rhinoplasty, sagging jowls, nasolabial folds, and marionettes


The smooth rounded tip reduces the risk of vascular complication & tissue damage compared with traditional thinner cannula


PDO Mono Threads & Cogs

Prices start from £199 

Free Consultations

Smokers lines

Crows feet

Mid face lift

Lower face lift

Jowl Lift

Neck lift

Full face lift

Full face & neck


3D Cog Thread Lift

Prices from £299

Free consultations

Foxy eye/Brow lift

Jaw lift

Upper face lift

Neck lift

Full face lift

Skin Boosting Injections


1 Treatment £190

2 Treatment £340 


1 Treatment £275

2 Treatments £499

Profhilo Body 

A brand new body Biorimodeling treatment with Profhilo body. A powerful skinbooster specific for difficult areas such as knees, inner thighs, arm area and stomach.

2 x Treatment package £599



1 Treatments £180

3 Treatments £599 


Lumi Eyes

1 Treatments £175

2 Treatments £299

Vitamin Boost

Vitamin B12 Injection



Vitamin D